Guy Interviewed for Shropshire Star

Karen Evans of The Shropshire Star reports on Guy N. Smith

I have known Karen for many years and we have kept in touch.  In October Karen contacted me to let me know that she would like to run an article.  This was excellent timing with the recent release of my two new books, ‘Spawn of the Slime Beast’, sequel to the original ‘Slime Beast’ published in the 1970’s.  Additionally ‘Crabs Omnibus’ a collection of short stories featuring my famous giant crabs.

Karen conducted the interview over the phone and the lovely article she wrote was subsequently published in the Mid-Wales Journal and the South Shropshire Journal.

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Latest Release: Crabs Omnibus

Crabs Omnibus

Time and time again since that scorching summer of 1976 the monstrous crabs have come ashore and wreaked terrible destruction and carnage on mankind.

Now in this collection of short stories they have returned in a frenzy of foul, insatiable hunger for human flesh, seemingly invincible to every type of weaponry used against them.

Will they ever be exterminated? Will our beaches ever again be safe for holidaymakers?

Available for purchase in paperback format HERE