My writing career began at an early age with 56 stories published in a local newspaper “The Tettenhall Observer”. I was inspired by the boys’ papers of the 1950s, Adventure, Rover, Hotspur, Wizard etc., all of which I read weekly.

Times changed to meet the demands of a new young readership.  Many of those story papers either ceased publication or had their original text content replaced with picture strip stories.

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Latest Release: Crabs Omnibus

Crabs Omnibus

Time and time again since that scorching summer of 1976 the monstrous crabs have come ashore and wreaked terrible destruction and carnage on mankind.

Now in this collection of short stories they have returned in a frenzy of foul, insatiable hunger for human flesh, seemingly invincible to every type of weaponry used against them.

Will they ever be exterminated? Will our beaches ever again be safe for holidaymakers?

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