The Slime Beast - Guy N Smith (Book Cover)


‘The Slime Beast’ was written in 1975, first published by New English Library and finally by Grafton after NEL were purchased by Hodder & Stoughton and closed their horror lists.

It sold 100,000 copies plus and had three different covers.  That was remarkable in itself for a novel of less than 40,000 words.  Finally it went out of print when Grafton ceased publishing.  Category fiction was in its death throes.

That should have been the end of the saga, the monster destroyed and forgotten.  Then, unbelievably, two unconnected coincidences occurred within a month of each other during the summer of 2014.

Centipede Press, USA, approached me with a proposal to publish ‘The Slime Beast’ as a hardcover, Limited Edition.  Then, a film company, who had shown an interest in the book over thirty years ago, expressed an interest to turn it into a movie.  I heard a few weeks ago that they are currently shooting a ‘pilot’.  I await the outcome with bated breath!

Both the Limited Edition and the movie interest started me thinking about a sequel.  Was there one?  Indeed there was, for no firm evidence had come to light concerning the origin of this terrible slime-scaled beast which fed on human entrails.  One theory was that it had arrived on Earth on a meteorite.  Or was the answer much nearer to home?

All is revealed in the sequel was published in June 2015.  The novel is short and sharp and as faithful to the original as I can make it.  Some of the characters reappear, forty years older of course, but it is they who remember all that happened in the squelching mud of the Wash.

It is great fun to write the sequel, for myself bringing back that halcyon era of pulp fiction.  I cling to the hope that one day it will return just like the Slime Beast.