2017 GNS Fan Club Convention

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GNS Convention 2016

Last year was such a wonderful day with record attendance so I hope that we can top that this year. If you would like to join in just let me know that you are coming so I can cater for the numbers.

This year’s convention will be on 3rd Sept 2017. We always start the day at 1pm and it winds up when everyone decides to leave. The convention is held at my home in Shropshire and for any information that you need for finding us and accommodation in the area you can contact Annie at blackhillbooks@hotmail.com

Many of those attending the convention like to make a weekend out of the event. For those wanting to do so, Chris Hall (a regular to my annual Fan Conventions) organises a ‘Fan Club Gathering’ which commences on the Saturday before the convention at the nearby town of Knighton. For those interested in meeting up with the other Convention attendees for this popular night out, please contact Chris at: dlsreviews@aol.co.uk

Chris Hall is a lifelong fan and avid collector of my work. He is also the sole individual behind the highly-revered website DLS Reviews (www.dlsreviews.com) which offers up an ever-expanding collection of reviews on a vast array of horror and dark fiction novels. Chris has attended the annual Guy N Smith fan convention each year since 2010, and assisted author J.R. Park with compiling, editing and contributing to the ‘Hell Of A Guy’ anthology which celebrated 25 years of the Guy N Smith convention. Chris also became the unfortunate victim of the giant crabs in Guy N Smith’s novel ‘Killer Crabs: The Return’.

Each year we have a different theme and this year it is ‘Dangerous Wild Animals in Britain’. For all those who attend this is what I have planned for the day:

  • Meet and greet, a chance for everyone to mingle, get to know each other and help themselves to the buffet. Nichola, who many of you know, will be here as usual to help out.
  • Once everyone has arrived they will be entered into the free raffle. There is only one prize and this will be kept a secret until the draw. It is a most unusual prize.
  • I always launch my latest book at the convention and this year is no different. I have compiled an anthology of all the short stories that I submitted and were published in the iconic London Mystery Magazine. I will also be relaying the inspiration behind the first story in the anthology, ‘The Mummy’ which comes from a real life experience.
  • What’s in the pipeline? An exclusive for the year ahead.
  • Every year I write an exclusive chapbook for the convention which is signed and given to everyone who attends as a thank you for coming. This year it is non-fiction and based on the Dangerous Wild Animals theme.
  • I would also like to show everyone an item from my personal memorabilia and share with you the tale behind it.
  • Take a walk on the wild side, weather permitting. Accompany me to my own private land nearby which has been the inspiration (and featured within) many of my books.

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