GNS Convention 2018

GNS Convention 2018

This year’s convention was blessed with great weather and saw the release of two new books. Firstly Sabat 5 : Wistman’s Wood the first release in this series since the 1980s. The second big release was Guy N. Smith Illustrated Bibliography: The Complete(ish) Guide to Collecting the Works of Guy N. Smith a large paperback detailing pretty much everything Guy has ever written and containing over 950 photographs written by long time super-fan Shane Agnew

A full report of the convention will be posted here soon.

New Releases at Convention:

Sabat 5: Wistman’s Wood is the fifth in the Sabat series and the first to be written for over 30 years.

Mark Sabat, ex-priest, SAS-trained killer, exorcist, is a man with a dreadful mission. Driven and haunted, he has to seek out and destroy his mortal enemy. An enemy who has chosen the Left Hand Path, who embodies the eternal principle of Evil. An enemy who is his own brother. Framed in the doorway were a man and a youth, a woman clinging on to them for support, having difficulty in remaining upright. Bringing up the rear was a bent and wizened figure, a frayed cap perched on his head which was bald in places as though the hair had been ripped away. All had features which were decomposing and peeling, baring their skulls, open mouths which revealed rotten and blackened teeth. Mouthing grunts, deep set eyes fixed upon the occupants of the room. Sabat 5 is the fifth book in the series featuring Mark Sabat

Book is a paperback of 144 pages and is on general release from Tues 18th September.

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Title: Sabat 5: Wistman’s Wood

Publisher: Black Hill Books

Publish Date: August 2018

Format: Paperback

Edition: First Edition (Paperback)

Pages: 144

ISBN: 978-1-911415-08-4 

Guy N. Smith Illustrated Bibliography: The Complete(ish) Guide to Collecting the Works of Guy N. Smith

The complete(ish) guide to collecting the works of Guy N. Smith. A journey into collecting the works of prolific author Guy Newman Smith. The book covers all genres of the Great Scribbler’s writing and contains over 950 pictures and useful details that would assist any would-be collector. The author has endeavoured to list and visually represent, through over 950 colour pictures, the vast catalogue of output from Guy N. Smith’s 65+ years in print; from the early stories he had published in the Tettenhall Observer and Advertiser paper as a teenager through to the present day. A career that crosses fiction and non-fiction and has covered almost all possible genres along the way, from Self-Sufficiency to Westerns, via Countryside and Glamour magazines of the 70s, all in addition to the numerous horror and thriller titles he is better known for. Content includes Fiction (all imprints/editions inc. non UK) and Non-Fiction Categories: Horror, Thriller, Countryside and Children’s Novels, Omnibus Collections, Chapbooks, Graphic Novels, Anthologies, Fanzines, Booklets, Magazines (70s adult Glamour, Country Sport, Game-keeping, Horror etc.), Periodicals and Newspapers. The book also contains an original Guy N. Smith short story ‘The Beast in the Cage’ along with humorous insight into the levels of collecting Guy N. Smith’s works in ‘The Completist- A Cautionary Tale’ by author Shane P.D Agnew. A4 Size, 950+ colour pictures, 341 pages.

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Title: Guy N. Smith Illustrated Bibliography: The Complete(ish) Guide to Collecting the Works of Guy N. Smith

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Publish Date: July 2018

Format: Paperback

Edition: First Edition (Paperback)

Pages: 342

ISBN: 978-1987423877