2017 GNS Convention

The Convention this year certainly ranks amongst one of the best.  I have now been organising these for 26 years and they get better and better.  The only downside this time was the dreadful weather, pouring rain all day, which prevented us from sitting outside.  I don’t remember a wet one over the years so I guess by the law of averages we had to have one sometime.

So it was an indoor event, somewhat cramped with a tremendous turnout, but it certainly did not spoil the day.  My only regret is that I didn’t have enough time to chat to everybody at length.

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New Release for Christmas 2017:

Managing & Shooting Under Ten Acres

Just in time for Christmas Guy’s latest release is a non-fiction book detailing how Guy has, over many years, setup a successful small shoot on land near to his house.

The description on the back of the book is as follows.

“Guy N. Smith has been contributing to the sporting press since 1963, his articles appearing in many magazines over the years.  He has also written a number of books on a variety of countryside pursuits. Currently he writes for the Shooting Times.

Upon moving to live in the Shropshire/Welsh border hills in 1977 he acquired 7.5 acres of steep pastureland adjoining his house.

At the outset nothing could have been less suitable for building up a small, compact old-fashioned rough shoot.  However, after decades of hard work and intensive management he has created a gem of a shoot incorporating game and deer.

Overall conservation also features prominently in this.

Books is a hardback of 150 pages, with colour and b & w photos throughout and will go on sale on this website on Friday 8th December.

Link to purchase

Title: Managing & Shooting Under Ten Acres

Publisher: Black Hill Books

Publish Date: December 2017

Format: Hardback (Case laminate)

Edition: First Edition (Hardback)

Pages: 150

ISBN: 978-1-911415-21-3