The Walking Dead: Book of the Month – June 2015

The Walking Dead - Guy N Smith Book Cover

‘The Sucking Pit’, due to its remarkable sales, was always deserving of a sequel.  Yet it had to wait nearly a decade.

This was because the original novel had on-going reprints and my concern was breaking the continuity.  Likewise, was there another story to that vile, stinking bomb crater which was rumoured to be bottomless?

Yes, of course there was!  Those who had fallen into its depths and were never seen again were the nucleus of the plot – the evil living dead who lurked deep down awaiting fresh victims.

Then came the day when Mick Treadman, working nearby with his JCB, was lured into the Sucking Pit.  Heavy machinery was used to drag it up onto dry land, a steel coffin with the driver dead inside.  Yet it was the expression of sheer terror on the corpse’s features which spoke of an unholy end deep down in the black, stagnant water rather than just death by drowning.

The Sucking Pit was alive and well and more dangerous than before.

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