The Resurrection: Book of the Month – July 2015

The Resurrected by Guy N Smith

I am reminded of my early writing days when I contributed 4 stories monthly for ‘My Love Story’ magazine.  This continued for 2-3 years until this publication folded after which I turned to horror.

Several genres can contain an element of horror with the exception of romantic novels.  I thought long and hard about this and in 1991 ‘The Resurrected’ was published by Grafton.

There is no more terrible experience than to lose a loved one.  Merryn Bartram married Bernie Oldroyd, both of them aware that she had a terminal disease.  She dies soon afterwards and in desperation Bernie seeks the help of Richie Howe, a master of the Dark Powers.

Richie resurrects Merryn but Bernie’s exultation soon turns to revulsion and terror for she is not the wife he remembered.  She reeks of decay.  Can he return her to the grave to rest in peace?

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