The Werewolf Trilogy : Books of the Month – September 2015

  • Werewolf by Moonlight – 1974
  • Return of the Werewolf – 1977
  • Son of the Werewolf – 1978

Werewolf Trilogy

With numerous magazine articles and short stories published by the early 1970’s I was desperately trying to land a novel.  The problem was that most of the mass market paperback publishers had their own teams of regular genre authors.  Then I heard on the grapevine that New English Library were seeking a werewolf novel to add to their horror list.  There was a gap in the market and I was determined to fill it.

Most werewolf stories are set in Europe so I decided to try a plot in England and where better than the dark, mysterious forest which bordered the home I was in the process of buying?

At the time we were still living in a conventional house in Tamworth.  So one pouring wet Sunday afternoon I began work on a fairly brief synopsis.  Suddenly there was an ear splitting explosion in the room.  Jean and I and children dashed outside.  All was quiet however, and eventually we returned indoors.  It transpired that our chimney had not been lined and a pocket of gas had gathered.  No harm done.

An omen?  Well, NEL commissioned ‘Werewolf by Moonlight’ on the strength of that short synopsis and the book saw print in 1974.  Sales were modest but further commissions followed, ‘The Sucking Pit’ and ‘The Slime Beast.’  Then came ‘Night of the Crabs’ this time a 2-book contract with ‘Return of the Werewolf.’  Shortly after we left Tamworth in 1977, ‘Son of the Werewolf’ was published and I was on my way to around 100 books between then and 2015.

This year’s Fan Club Convention celebrates my 40th year as a full-time writer.  But we must not forget that early werewolf trilogy.  Those three books opened the door to my writing career.  I owe much to them and they certainly came in with a big bang!

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