What’s Guy Up To This Halloween?

Down here in deepest, darkest Shropshire we have regular movie screenings made possible by Dilys Thorpe.  Dilys is our local volunteer who runs ‘Sebunctious Productions’ and runs Flicks in the Sticks for our local area.

Well, being Halloween Dilys wanted to bring something a little out of the ordinary, with a local flavour to cinema night.  Enter Guy both local and a little out of the ordinary.  In an interesting way of course!

‘Flicks in the Sticks’ are proud to present a special screening of ‘Island Claws’.  The action takes place on a tropical island where marine biologists are experimenting with growth hormones on crabs.  This results in radiation-mutated crabs taken from Guy’s ‘Night of the Crabs.’

Not exactly a block busting, big budget production but hopefully everyone will have a good laugh and enjoy the film for what it is.  Long live the ‘Crabs’!

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