The Lurkers: Book of the Month – January 2016


On a number of occasions during my writing career I have not had to look far from my home for a plot and a suitable location.  ‘The Lurkers’ (Hamlyn 1982) was one of these.

Highly convenient for my purpose was a stone circle, believed to have been used by druids centuries ago, just a field away from my house.  The huge stones are almost sunken out of sight nowadays, with just surrounding undergrowth and a couple of stunted pine trees.  Although the farmer cultivates this field he is not allowed under by-laws to disturb this ancient site.

Around a quarter of an acre in size, it is as it has always been, on the brow of the land, the stones ideally placed to catch the first rays of the rising sun.

Possibly human sacrifices took place here.  Were those who used it druids or some ancient sect who worshipped Satan?

In ‘The Lurkers’ the undead return to their stone circle.  The farmer finds some of his livestock mutilated there.  After dark white robed figures gather there, watching and waiting.  For what?  Is it some human malice at work or has some past evil returned to claim its ancient domain?

Alone in his remote snowbound cottage, his wife and son having fled to a place of safety, Peter Fogg is beset by the fear of intangible evil.  Will he be the next victim of a blood sacrifice?  All is revealed in the final chapter, the climax to the terror in a place of ancient dread.

Some years ago at one of my Fan Club Conventions I took the fans on a tour of this mysterious stone circle.  All were of the opinion that they would not care to be up there after darkness had fallen.

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