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Shooting Times Article

In addition to my fiction, horror novels and short stories, I have been writing shooting and countryside related articles for over half a century.  My first feature in this field appeared in the Shooting Times in 1963.  I well remember the legendary editor, the late Noel Sedgwick/”Tower Bird”, taking me for a drink in the Cheshire Cheese one of Fleet Street’s most famous pubs with its sawdust covered floor.

Through to 1996 I wrote about 90 articles for Shooting Times, along with contributions to virtually every other sporting journal of those days in addition to having around a dozen books published in this genre.  In 1999 I accepted the position of Gun Editor of “The Countryman’s Weekly”.  Having written around 2000 articles for this publication through to April last year, I then returned to the ST.

My contributions here include a monthly “Classic Cartridges” series as well as general shooting features.  Now it appears my sizeable fiction fan base have picked up on these, the reason being that articles are published under my own name instead of the former pseudonyms which I had used in the CW.

Fans are now buying issues containing my articles and I have been informed that some will be bringing a “pile” for me to sign at my next convention of Sunday September 4th.  One of my fans won the ST “letter of the week” in the May 18 issue.  I was delighted and flattered by the praise which he bestowed upon my articles.

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