Shotgun Cartridges Project

Throughout 2017 I have been working on a project in conjunction with shotgun cartridge manufacturers Eley Hawk Ltd., to produce a collector’s replica of their 1903 Grand Prix, an icon of British cartridges.

Trading as Eley Bros Ltd the firm were awarded both the Grand Prix and then Grand Prix & Gold Medals at the Paris Exhibitions of 1898 & 1900 respectively.

In 1903 they launched the Grand Prix cartridge which became legendary under this name and is still produced today.

In the old style orange paper case, albeit with modern components, a limited run of 24,000 Grand Prix Collector’s Edition cartridges have been produced.

I am honoured to have been involved in this restoration of an historic cartridge.

To view Eley Hawk’s Press Release -:

For further details see Eley Hawk’s website:

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