Coronavirus Update

At this time, like most other folks, Jean and myself are “locked in”.  We cannot leave our house except for special reasons such as buying food and collecting medical supplies etc,.

This is all because of the fast spreading Coronavirus.  It started in China and there are numerous reasons quoted for its source, one of which is bats which are bred for culinary purposes.

Back in 1978 I wrote “Bats Out of Hell” ( published by New English Library ) in which a plague of bats spread a dreadful disease amongst mankind.  Little did I dream 40 years on this would become reality.  

    Moving on to 2015 Centipede Press, USA, published a hardcover edition of “The Slime Beast,” signed and limited to around 250 copies.  It was a complete sell-out.

    I heard nothing more until a couple of weeks ago when Centipede Press contacted me with a view to publishing a signed, limited edition of “Bats Out of Hell.”  I have already received the contract!

   Clearly this is because the novel bore a strong reflection of the current Coronavirus disease spreading to virtually every country in the world.  Foresight on my part?  If so, it is very frightening.  I am almost too scared to look along the titles of the 200 plus books which I have written since.  Will another of my horrors become reality in the future?  If so, I dread to think which one might come next!  Am I prophetic?  My spine tingles at the possibility!

The eBook version of Bats Out of Hell can be purchased here or on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books and Kobo.

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update

  1. Throwback springs to mind…, I’ve already been recommending it as a lockdown read 🙂

  2. Now I’m worried that The Festering might come true… shudder…

  3. I am reading through Snakes currently and the good denizens of Stainforth being told to stay inside is eerily reminiscent of what’s going on now. Well, I guess I am thankful we don’t have 8 killer snakes on the loose…

  4. After reading about Guy and his insight into the future 40yrs ago I’m going to take extra care in this lockdown,
    Yes I will do the garden but double check that hose is a hose 🐍
    I won’t be in the garden after full moon. 🐺
    I’m glad I recently visited Litchfield cathedral to see the vellum gospels so won’t be going there anytime soon.🤠
    Lockdown means no trips to the beach so should be OK there 🦀🦀

    As for the rest who knows.

    Stay safe everyone and if you can’t do that give Mark Sabat a call he may be your last chance ✝️✡️

  5. Been reading Guy N Smith since I was a kid back in the late 70 early 80s. Have find memories of buying them from my local book store in Caernarvon. Finding it odd that’s amongst the lurid horror titles were books on farming lol. Would love to visit and meet sometime. Always look after all my NEL paperbacks and brilliant art work. Thanks

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