Bats Out of Hell 2020 Reprint

A deaty virus escapes from a research centre.’

Professor Brian Newman had accidentally created a deadly new virus. In a single glass cage in his laboratory, its first victims were slowly dying in mortal agony. For the sake of the world, the bats in that cage must never be released.

But glass is all too easily broken …

Guy N. Smith has written over 75 horror novels. Since his werewolf novels (1974-77), he has written about virtually every aspect of the horror genre and is best known for his Crabs and Sabat books. He is still writing.

Book is dedicated to NHS & Social Care staff and £1 from the sale of every Bats Out of Hell paperback will be donated to NHS Charities.

Availability direct from GNS (Guy N Smith website).

Blue Cover below is eBook version of original 1978 release.
New Cover is the new 2020 Reprint paperback. Copies bought direct from GNS website are signed by the author.

Availability on Amazon :-

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