2019 GNS Fan Club Convention

2019 GNS Convention 1st Sept 2019

We have been holding a GNS Fan Club Convention at my home in the Shropshire hills every year on the first Sunday in September. This year was the 17th and it was surely the best ever, one which I will remember for many years to come.

Fans came from Poland and the USA as well as from various parts of the UK. The usual splendid buffet was provided by Marina Palmer.

Primarily a social occasion and an opportunity to meet up with my fans, we always have a theme and this year it was the pendulum. This device was given to me many years ago by a white witch who lived locally. It works like any other pendulum on one’s body electrics. 

Everybody enjoyed experimenting with it.

We always launch my latest book at these gatherings. This year it was the latest Sabat novel, No.6 “The Return”. Numerous copies were sold on the day to be followed by a string of orders the next day via the Fan Club website. With the Sabat books 1-5 permanently in demand I think that No.6 will also be one of my top sellers. 

It was a truly tremendous occasion , renewing my acquaintance with many fans from past years as newcomers on the scene. 

All but a couple of items on offer at our annual auction sold.

I cannot recall having signed so many books on a single day before.

My sincere thanks to all who made the effort to attend from afar. I do like to keep in touch with my fans and I look forward to seeing them again in 2020.

Sabat 6

Sabat 6 Cover

Latest new title from Guy.

Sabat 6

Following the amazing events of Wistman’s Wood, Sabat is back in his sixth book of the series ‘Sabat 6: The Return’.

With the skills of Mike McGee creating the new cover to capture the feel of Sabat’s 1980 hayday, Guy N Smith and the Sinister Horror Company are proud to have released the next installment of the series on 6th September 2019.

Mark Sabat, ex-priest, SAS-trained killer, exorcist, had been a man with a dreadful mission for most of his life. His evil brother, Quentin, had chosen the Left Hand Path and his soul had haunted Mark.

Finally, Quentin had been destroyed but now Mark faces another enemy, master criminal The Reaper who is also one of Satan’s disciples. The Reaper, following his escape from prison, is bent on revenge on G. N. Strong, the private detective who had been instrumental in his capture.

Sabat’s role is to protect Strong from a deadly foe who has supernatural powers.

His enemy is the eternal principle of evil made flesh.

Books is available on general release from 6th Sept 2019.

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Title: Sabat 6: The Return

Publisher: Sinister Horror Company

Publish Date: September 2019


ISBN: 978-1912578177

Format: Paperback

Edition: First Edition (Paperback)

Pages: 198

Sabat 5

Latest new title from Guy.

Sabat 5

Sabat 5: Wistman’s Wood is the fifth in the Sabat series and the first to be written for over 30 years.

Mark Sabat, ex-priest, SAS-trained killer, exorcist, is a man with a dreadful mission. Driven and haunted, he has to seek out and destroy his mortal enemy. An enemy who has chosen the Left Hand Path, who embodies the eternal principle of Evil. An enemy who is his own brother. Framed in the doorway were a man and a youth, a woman clinging on to them for support, having difficulty in remaining upright. Bringing up the rear was a bent and wizened figure, a frayed cap perched on his head which was bald in places as though the hair had been ripped away. All had features which were decomposing and peeling, baring their skulls, open mouths which revealed rotten and blackened teeth. Mouthing grunts, deep set eyes fixed upon the occupants of the room. Sabat 5 is the fifth book in the series featuring Mark Sabat

Book is a paperback of 144 pages and is on general release from Tues 18th September.

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Title: Sabat 5: Wistman’s Wood

Publisher: Black Hill Books

Publish Date: August 2018

Format: Paperback

Edition: First Edition (Paperback)

Pages: 144

Managing & Shooting Under Ten Acres

Latest new title from Guy.

Managing & Shooting Under Ten Acres

Available to here from 8th December 2017.

Guy N. Smith has been contributing to the sporting press since 1963, his articles appearing in many magazines over the years.  He has also written a number of books on a variety of countryside pursuits. Currently he writes for the Shooting Times.

Upon moving to live in the Shropshire/Welsh border hills in 1977 he acquired 7.5 acres of steep pastureland adjoining his house.

At the outset nothing could have been less suitable for building up a small, compact old-fashioned rough shoot.  However, after decades of hard work and intensive management he has created a gem of a shoot incorporating game and deer.

Overall conservation also features prominently in this.

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Shotgun Cartridges Project

Throughout 2017 I have been working on a project in conjunction with shotgun cartridge manufacturers Eley Hawk Ltd., to produce a collector’s replica of their 1903 Grand Prix, an icon of British cartridges.

Trading as Eley Bros Ltd the firm were awarded both the Grand Prix and then Grand Prix & Gold Medals at the Paris Exhibitions of 1898 & 1900 respectively.

In 1903 they launched the Grand Prix cartridge which became legendary under this name and is still produced today.

In the old style orange paper case, albeit with modern components, a limited run of 24,000 Grand Prix Collector’s Edition cartridges have been produced.

I am honoured to have been involved in this restoration of an historic cartridge.

To view Eley Hawk’s Press Release -:

For further details see Eley Hawk’s website:

2017 GNS Fan Club Convention

2017 GNS Convention 3rd Sept 2017


The Convention this year certainly ranks amongst one of the best.  I have now been organising these for 26 years and they get better and better.  The only downside this time was the dreadful weather, pouring rain all day, which prevented us from sitting outside.  I don’t remember a wet one over the years so I guess by the law of averages we had to have one sometime.

So it was an indoor event, somewhat cramped with a tremendous turnout, but it certainly did not spoil the day.  My only regret is that I didn’t have enough time to chat to everybody at length.

Familiar faces, new faces, and then there were those that sadly could not make it due to last minute circumstances. Nevertheless, we turned back the clock to the “good old days,” discussed early books and launched a new edition of the “Night of the Crabs”.  Alongside this was my latest book “Nightmares from the Black Hill,” an anthology of horror, mystery and suspense originally penned for the iconic London Mystery Magazine back in the 1970s.

Virtually everything that I have written has been penned here over the past 40 years so the house is steeped in horror and mystery.  It is also haunted by my mother.  A few years ago she pinched the bottom of one of the attending fans!  However, there was no sign of her this time, maybe next year!

The theme this year was “Dangerous Wild Animal in Britain” of which there are a few around here, principally Big Cats.  We held a free raffle this time, just one prize that being the skull of a roe deer which had been killed by a Big Cat.  Believe me, no dog, fox nor badger could have cause the mutilation that I saw.  I found the skull 20 yards away in the undergrowth.  The winner was Chris Hall and he was absolutely delighted with it.

The auction was as busy, if not more so, than usual.  All in all a most memorable day.  I cannot thank my fans enough for their continued loyalty, especially those that travelled long distances to attend.  I know that I have said it before but I genuinely consider my fans to be personal friends.

So, it’s back to writing, more books scheduled for Xmas and the summer and something very special to be launched at the 2018 Convention.  This is a novel which many of you have asked me to write.

Please keep in touch in the meantime.  I love to hear from you.


Nightmares from the Black Hill

Latest new title from Guy.

Nightmares from the Black Hill

Available to purchase now.

Guy N. Smith’s long horror writing career encompassed 70 best-selling novels. His short story ‘The Searchers’ was the first to be published in the London Mystery Magazine in March 1972. This was followed in June of that year by ‘The Mummy’ in Vol. 22 No. 93. The mummy theme continued in an article in Country Life magazine, followed by a short television programme. Over a decade later the idea spawned his novel ‘Accursed’ Guy’s early horror stories in London Mystery are eagerly sought by his current fans but, unfortunately, many of them are difficult, sometimes impossible, to locate. Hence he decided to publish the complete range in the volume. These bedtime reads will almost certainly be followed by some scary nightmares.

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2016 GNS Fan Club Convention

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GNS Convention 2016

Sunday September 4th 2016 was an occasion which will remain with me for the rest of my life. The 25th anniversary of the annual Guy N. Smith Fan Club Convention was destined to become the most memorable of all although I had no inkling of what was in store.

Fans began arriving around 1pm, both familiar and new faces. After a day of torrential rain on the Saturday the skies slowly cleared and some of us sat outside. Our regular caterer had put on a superb buffet.

Paul Adams, the well known paranormal author, gave a fascinating talk on hauntings through the ages. Then it was time to browse the sales table and the GNS backlist.

My latest horror novel ‘Carnage’ was launched on the day. It was a bit touch and go whether we would have enough copies but fortunately a late order arrived in the afternoon so all was well.

Then just as the occasion was drawing to a close, following a group photograph, one of the fans, Justin Park, stood up and announced that he had a presentation to make to me on behalf of all of my fans.

This was a beautifully produced hardcover book of over 300 pages entitled “Hell of a Guy”. The stunning cover depicted a decapitation of GNS by one of his own giant crabs, along with a caracal, a bat out of hell, snakes, locusts and many more. My creations, the figments of my imagination over the last 40 years were taking their revenge upon me.

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Guy’s first look at “Hell of a Guy”

I was overcome, there were tears in my eyes and my voice shook as I thanked those concerned. What a magnificent gesture of their appreciation of my work. I would add that the short story contributions by 18 fans were exceptionally well written. Any one of them could have been standing in my shoes on that day. I’d better up my game!

My sincere thanks and congratulations to Justin Park and Chris Hall for a truly splendid book which will have pride of place in my collection.

Sadly the day came to an end. One or two of my fans had been concerned that this 25th Anniversary might signal my retirement. It has crossed my mind but not yet. Already I have the 2017 Convention in mind. I even have a theme for it!


The Pony Riders: Book of the Month – October 2016

“The Pony Riders” was certainly a departure from my horror novels. It is also my lengthiest novel at 380 pages.

Why, then, did I write a western? Since boyhood I have been an ardent fan of westerns, and tales of the pony express captivated my imagination, especially those featuring the notorious gunman J.A. Slade. Slade, though, was romanticised in some of the stories about him in boys’ papers. In reality he was a drunken gunman and murderer which is perhaps why he was appointed Road Boss on a section of the route ridden by those brave carriers of the U.S. mail.

Mark Twain wrote of him “He was so friendly and gentle spoken that I warmed to him in spite of his awful history. It was hardly possible to realise that this person was the pitiless scourge of the outlaws, the raw-headed-and-bloody-bones the mothers of the mountains terrified their children with. And to this day I can remember nothing remarkable about Slade except that his face was rather broad across and the cheek bones were low and the lips peculiarly thin and straight. But that was enough to leave something of an effect upon me, for since then I seldom see a face like that without fancying that the owner of it is a dangerous man.”

All of the pictures which I have seen of Slade portrayed him dressed in black with a matching brimmed hat.

As a boy, armed with a toy cap-firing pistol, I used to pretend that I was J.A. Slade, gunning down outlaws and Indians.

Moving on many years, Jean and I went to New York to meet my Zebra editors. We were taken to lunch and clearly they were looking to commission my next two horror books. That was when I dropped my bombshell announcing that “I would like to write a western!”

There was a stunned silence, then “well, let us have a synopsis and some sample chapters and we will give it every consideration.”

I did just that on my return home and “The Pony Riders” saw publication in 1997. It was a factual history with a fictional plot interwoven. Of course, one of the leading characters was J.A. Slade.

It was published under the Pinnacle imprint and did tolerably well. In fact I recently noticed that a copy was offered on the internet at £30!

For myself, J.A. Slade lives on.

I have it in mind to write another western sometime. I wonder how it would be received by my current fan base.


Latest new title from Guy.


Available to purchase at Fan Convention or pre-order for members of GNS Fanclub until 11th September.

High in the mists of the Welsh mountains lurked ferocious creatures hunting human flesh and blood.

The Lewis family had hand reared a pair of baboons which lived with them for several years in their remote home.

Then came the 1976 Dangerous Wild Animals Act which demanded costly security to be installed. They could no longer afford to keep their pets so they secretly released them in the Welsh Mountains.

Nothing more was seen of the primates but they had reared their young, hidden from humans, in the vast forests and mountain mists.

Then, forty years later, the killings began and the mountains became a dangerous place for climbers and walkers.


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