Sabat 6

Sabat 6 Cover

Latest new title from Guy.

Sabat 6

Following the amazing events of Wistman’s Wood, Sabat is back in his sixth book of the series ‘Sabat 6: The Return’.

With the skills of Mike McGee creating the new cover to capture the feel of Sabat’s 1980 hayday, Guy N Smith and the Sinister Horror Company are proud to have released the next installment of the series on 6th September 2019.

Mark Sabat, ex-priest, SAS-trained killer, exorcist, had been a man with a dreadful mission for most of his life. His evil brother, Quentin, had chosen the Left Hand Path and his soul had haunted Mark.

Finally, Quentin had been destroyed but now Mark faces another enemy, master criminal The Reaper who is also one of Satan’s disciples. The Reaper, following his escape from prison, is bent on revenge on G. N. Strong, the private detective who had been instrumental in his capture.

Sabat’s role is to protect Strong from a deadly foe who has supernatural powers.

His enemy is the eternal principle of evil made flesh.

Books is available on general release from 6th Sept 2019.

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Title: Sabat 6: The Return

Publisher: Sinister Horror Company

Publish Date: September 2019


ISBN: 978-1912578177

Format: Paperback

Edition: First Edition (Paperback)

Pages: 198

Sabat 5

Latest new title from Guy.

Sabat 5

Sabat 5: Wistman’s Wood is the fifth in the Sabat series and the first to be written for over 30 years.

Mark Sabat, ex-priest, SAS-trained killer, exorcist, is a man with a dreadful mission. Driven and haunted, he has to seek out and destroy his mortal enemy. An enemy who has chosen the Left Hand Path, who embodies the eternal principle of Evil. An enemy who is his own brother. Framed in the doorway were a man and a youth, a woman clinging on to them for support, having difficulty in remaining upright. Bringing up the rear was a bent and wizened figure, a frayed cap perched on his head which was bald in places as though the hair had been ripped away. All had features which were decomposing and peeling, baring their skulls, open mouths which revealed rotten and blackened teeth. Mouthing grunts, deep set eyes fixed upon the occupants of the room. Sabat 5 is the fifth book in the series featuring Mark Sabat

Book is a paperback of 144 pages and is on general release from Tues 18th September.

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Title: Sabat 5: Wistman’s Wood

Publisher: Black Hill Books

Publish Date: August 2018

Format: Paperback

Edition: First Edition (Paperback)

Pages: 144

Managing & Shooting Under Ten Acres

Latest new title from Guy.

Managing & Shooting Under Ten Acres

Available to here from 8th December 2017.

Guy N. Smith has been contributing to the sporting press since 1963, his articles appearing in many magazines over the years.  He has also written a number of books on a variety of countryside pursuits. Currently he writes for the Shooting Times.

Upon moving to live in the Shropshire/Welsh border hills in 1977 he acquired 7.5 acres of steep pastureland adjoining his house.

At the outset nothing could have been less suitable for building up a small, compact old-fashioned rough shoot.  However, after decades of hard work and intensive management he has created a gem of a shoot incorporating game and deer.

Overall conservation also features prominently in this.

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Nightmares from the Black Hill

Latest new title from Guy.

Nightmares from the Black Hill

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Guy N. Smith’s long horror writing career encompassed 70 best-selling novels. His short story ‘The Searchers’ was the first to be published in the London Mystery Magazine in March 1972. This was followed in June of that year by ‘The Mummy’ in Vol. 22 No. 93. The mummy theme continued in an article in Country Life magazine, followed by a short television programme. Over a decade later the idea spawned his novel ‘Accursed’ Guy’s early horror stories in London Mystery are eagerly sought by his current fans but, unfortunately, many of them are difficult, sometimes impossible, to locate. Hence he decided to publish the complete range in the volume. These bedtime reads will almost certainly be followed by some scary nightmares.

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Latest new title from Guy.


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High in the mists of the Welsh mountains lurked ferocious creatures hunting human flesh and blood.

The Lewis family had hand reared a pair of baboons which lived with them for several years in their remote home.

Then came the 1976 Dangerous Wild Animals Act which demanded costly security to be installed. They could no longer afford to keep their pets so they secretly released them in the Welsh Mountains.

Nothing more was seen of the primates but they had reared their young, hidden from humans, in the vast forests and mountain mists.

Then, forty years later, the killings began and the mountains became a dangerous place for climbers and walkers.


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Crabs Omnibus

Latest “Crabs” title from Guy.


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Time and time again since that scorching summer of 1976 the monstrous crabs have come ashore and wreaked terrible destruction and carnage on mankind.

Now in this collection of short stories they have returned in a frenzy of foul, insatiable hunger for human flesh, seemingly invincible to every type of weaponry used against them.

Will they ever be exterminated? Will our beaches ever again be safe for holidaymakers?

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Spawn of the Slime Beast

The Sequel to Guy’s iconic book “The Slime Beast”.


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The Slime Beast was first published by New England Library in 1976 and saw many reprints.

Believed dead and forgotten, the Slime Beast has risen from the mud.  Even more terrible than before, it roams in search of human victims and feeds ravenously on their offal.

New Limited Edition of The Slime Beast.

Slime Beast Limited Edition Cover

Nostalgia is a wonderful form of mind-set, a refuge from the harsh reality of the present day, a return to simplicity and freedom which has long since been wrested from us. It can be enjoyed in many forms, perhaps re-reading a book from our youth, savouring the enjoyment again of a tale which has not lost its magic with the passing of time.

Thus the return of ‘The Slime Beast’, forty years after it was written, has turned back the clock for myself. The idea, though, was not conceived in 1975, in fact the seed was sown in the early 1960’s unknown to myself. It lay there but did not germinate for another fifteen years. That in itself was yet another trip down memory lane.

It was November and I was on a wildfowling trip on the Wash, that vast expanse of mud and quicksand on Britain’s east coast, a beautiful yet dangerous area where many have lost their lives. My guide knew every inch of these unforgiving marshes but following in his footsteps across those mudflats was a gruelling experience, especially on a starlit frosty night.

Several times he had to pull me out of a patch of gurgling mud in which I had sunk above the knees of my thigh waders. Of uncertain temperament, his main concern was that I was an encumbrance to his progress in reaching the distant tideline.

It was a magical night out there, the shimmering, seemingly endless, mudflats beginning to crunch under foot as a severe frost set in, our only light from a half moon and a myriad of stars. It was also eerie, a vast wilderness in which we were the only humans abroad.

A loud honking shattered the stillness and above us a skein of geese passed over, silhouettes against the dark sky. Four shots rang out and two birds folded their wings, thudded onto the mud.

I thought then that we might be heading back to the mainland but not so. “We’ll stop here awhile,” my guide announced, “and see if any more show up.”

None did, but during the following couple of hours, during which I shivered in a muddy creek, a number of disturbing thoughts crossed my mind. Just about anything could be living out here, undisturbed and unseen by man. Perhaps some amphibious creature that had survived from prehistoric times, and maybe those gunners who had disappeared over the years had not been victims of the tide as was commonly supposed…

Fifteen years on, and with my first two horror novels selling tolerably well, my publishers requested a third. Suddenly an idea germinated as I recalled that nocturnal foray on the mudflats of the Wash. This was an ideal setting for my next book and that night the figments of my imagination spawned the beast which would prey on any humans who trespassed in its domain.

So, the Slime Beast was born, a truly revolting and fearsome creature. It was symptomatic of that era when such books were short and simplistic with no frills and action all the way. It was a natural progression from the pulps which had thrilled readers from the 1930’s through to the 1950’s.

Sadly those days are long gone, replaced by lengthy novels of modern times, psychopaths and serial killers who are a sickening reality in our midst. Hence the return of the Slime Beast in this limited edition is a welcome revival of my early days.

One final thought; we do not know whence this creature came, from outer-space or a survivor from primordial times? Furthermore, was it alone or did it have a mate who has also survived unseen out there on the mudflats? It is certainly thought provoking…