Guy on his shoot.It was in the year or so following the success of ‘Night of the Crabs’ that I realised that I had a growing fan base.  I did not take my readership for granted.  They were buying my books and I wanted to give them something back in return.  Personal friendships developed and if these were to continue then a fan club was the answer.

At the outset we had a most encouraging flood of members which, of course, led to the publication of a fanzine.  Even so, I wanted to meet as many members as possible so Fan Club Conventions started in 1991.  Initially we held them at venues such as Lichfield and at Hopwas, my birthplace.

However, it became evident to me that my fans preferred my own home in Shropshire for this annual get-together.  They wanted to see where and how I lived, my animals my book collection and an opportunity to browse at leisure.

I am eternally grateful for their continued support, their purchase of every new title and the fact that many of them travel several hundred miles to join us on the day.