Last year was my 25th Fan Club Convention anniversary, and what a fabulous day it was. Towards the end of the day I was presented with a book. Not just any book but a wonderful tribute and keepsake from some of my die-hard fans celebrating 25 years of the Fan Club Convention.

Truly a very hard act to follow so I have put together an action packed agenda for the 2017 convention. For the 26th year running I look forward to welcoming as many of my fans that can attend to thank them for their support throughout the years.

View agenda and full information here

Upcoming Releases:


Two new publications to coincide with 2017 Fan Convention

The first title is an anthology of all the short stories that I submitted and were published in the iconic London Mystery Magazine.

This consists of 18 shorts published from March 1972 through to March 1982.

The other title will be revealed at the convention and BOTH titles will be available for purchase.

More details on the anthology and the finished cover art will be posted here between now and then convention (on 3rd Sept).