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  1. I have been reading Guy’s books since the age of 14, perhaps a bit young for the material however I enjoyed it none the less.

  2. I am a massive fan and have been reading Guys books from the 80s onwards. The crab series was just brilliant.

  3. Michael Prendergast

    I read all of Guy’s books in my teens and throughly enjoyed the pace and style
    The Sabat books still remain my favourite series and I would love Guy to return to them.

  4. Read Guys books when I’m traveling on planes so entirely grateful for the escape into Guys imagination. The man will always be the king of horror to me! Hope he thinks about a 2017 convention as I need to stock up.

  5. My husband has been reading Guys books since I met him 35 yes ago

  6. Massive fan since my first purchase at 18 yrs old. 32 years later I am still as hooked as ever.

  7. I first got into Guy N. Smith as a teenager in the early 80s. I purchased a copy of ”The Slime Beast” compelled to do so purely on the cover art. The book proved to be an incredibly enjoyable read, so much so, that I began to buy Guy N. Smith books whenever I happened upon them. He is one of my all-time favourite authors and I treasure my Guy N. Smith collection of pulp horror paperbacks. I decided to go on a Guy N. Smith marathon this year by re-reading as many of his books as I could, one after the other; this entire summer has been completely ”Crabs”. I am currently in the grip of the original classic ”The Slime Beast” for the umpteenth time, while looking forward to tucking into once again the follow up ”Spawn Of The Slime Beast”. I am a big Guy N. Smith fan. I have always thought ”The Slime Beast” is particularly deserving to be a movie. Why isn’t it a movie?

  8. “Return of the Werewolf” was the first Guy N Smith, nay, horror “book” I ever read.

    Poe’s “Tales of Mystery and Suspense” had got me intrigued in the possibility of words stirring the imagination when I was 8 years old. Then, a year later, the wolf on the cover of “RotW” sold me on trying the ‘horror’ route for more kicks.

    My nan bought it for me (obvs). And didn’t that darn werewolf just jump off the page, bite me and transfer the horror bug right there and then. Bats, Crabs, Werewolves – I studiously read the lot as I went through school and loved them all.

    I’ve never even tried to purge that bug from my system. I’ve nurtured it lovingly and now, as I look to begin publishing my own stories, I find myself back where I started, reading Guy’s “Writing Horror Fiction”.

    Can’t wait to start my own journey and catch up on the volumes Guy’s written since the 90s. Thank you!

  9. I’ve been a big fan of your books since 1981 when I bought a Sabat book.. read all 4 many times over and currently reading through others like entombed and at present Satan’s snowdrop ..
    Thought I’d look you up and was thrilled to see two more Sabat books!!!!!!

    Keep up the great work!!

  10. I’ve been reading Guy’s books since Night of the Crabs way back in 1976, and followed his books all through the 80s, but somehow i lost the faith after going abroad, but i’ve now rediscovered his great storytelling ability.

  11. Bought Return of the werewolf 1977 from WHS Smith in 1977 found Werewolf by moonlight in a Blackpool market Son of the werewolf from eBay just this second finished .Reading the son of great characters Gordon Hall /Vic Margaret Gunn any chance of a new book combining these characters of have they been laid to rest.My dad was so annoyed at me buying this book.

  12. I remember reading his books as a kid szatan sucking pit throwback truckers werewolf bats out of hell the crabs trilogy and also his working dogs pieces he wrote then lost my way I’m now trying to get all his books and reread all my childhood again sorely missed a great and original writer

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