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6 thoughts on “Join the GNS Fanclub

  1. I have been reading Guy’s books since the age of 14, perhaps a bit young for the material however I enjoyed it none the less.

  2. I am a massive fan and have been reading Guys books from the 80s onwards. The crab series was just brilliant.

  3. Michael Prendergast

    I read all of Guy’s books in my teens and throughly enjoyed the pace and style
    The Sabat books still remain my favourite series and I would love Guy to return to them.

  4. Read Guys books when I’m traveling on planes so entirely grateful for the escape into Guys imagination. The man will always be the king of horror to me! Hope he thinks about a 2017 convention as I need to stock up.

  5. My husband has been reading Guys books since I met him 35 yes ago

  6. Massive fan since my first purchase at 18 yrs old. 32 years later I am still as hooked as ever.

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