Sabat 1 : The Graveyard Vultures

Guy N. Smith


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Mark Sabat, ex-priest, SAS-trained killer, exorcist, is a man with a dreadful mission. Driven and haunted, he has to seek out and destroy his mortal enemy. An enemy who has been chosen the Left Hand Path, who embodies the eternal principle of Evil. An enemy who is his own brother. Sabat was trapped, helplessly trapped, in his own paralysed body. His mind, conscious but impotent, raged and struggled against inert flesh. He could sense, feel, the dark encrusted blood that masked his face. Sticky and rancid, more blood had soaked into his clothing, saturated through to the skin. Beside him the girl was naked, her pale body hideously marked by the knife that had stabbed and sliced through her flash. Above them loomed the descrated altar, black candled, the crucifix reversed. But now the waiting was almost over. The ceremony was about to begin.




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