The Minster Geese

Jonathan Guy


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Karn, a Canada goose and Ski, a greylag, lose their freedom of the wild when they are captured by humans. Their life now is within the confines of a private wildfowl collection, a small pool in a fenced area. Here they are joined by Cho, a noisy Chinese goose.
Life became monotonous and might have remained so had not the owner decided to part with his wildfowl collection. The trio of geese are transferred to their new home, a sizeable pool within the shadow of a magnificent cathedral. The Minster Pool.
Here they might have lived a humdrum life of retirement. Not so for this is where their adventures begin as they are faced with new dangers.
Jonathan Guy is the pseudonym of well-known novelist Guy N Smith. His other children’s books are Badger Island, Rak: the story of an Urban Fox, Pyne, Hawkwood and Cornharrow: A Tale of Two Donkeys. He also wrote ‘Animals of the Countryside’ under his own name.




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